Engineering Team Bios:

Alessandro's Picture
Alex Sarra

Alessandro Sarra - Computer Engineering B.S.

Responsible for design and implementation of power module, sustainability options, and integration of CTSN subsystems.

Professional interests include Digital Systems Design, FPGA prototyping and Cryptography. Favorite languages are C, Java, VHDL and Python.

Currently living in Rochester, NY with his wife Laura and daughter Giulia. Enjoys playing soccer, video games, cooking, and "talking shop".

Seth's Picture
Seth Hendrick

Seth Hendrick - Computer Engineering B.S.

Responsible for design and implementation of the CTSN network architecture. This involved achieving communication between the nodes, the database, and the web front-end using various technologies.

Professional interests include software development - especially game design, development of automated testing suites, the GNU/Linux operating system, and getting devices to communicate with each other. Favorite programming languages include C++, Python, and C#.

Currently lives in Rochester, NY finishing up his degree in Computer Engineering at RIT. He enjoys video games, exploring new technologies, and coding for fun.

Jared's Picture
Jared Mistretta

Jared Mistretta - Computer Engineering B.S. - Economics

Responsible for design and implementation of the Computer Vision algorithms that will run on the PIXYCam, along with CAD design and 3D-printing of the node enclosures. Jared is an Economics Major at RIT, and the CE project is linked to an Economics paper he is publishing with Dr. Jeff Wagner of the Economics department.

Professional interests include "making", game design, software simulations, and continual research and learning. Jared's favorite programming languages are C, VHDL, Python, and Java.

He currently lives in Rochester, NY and is working on his degrees in Computer Engineering and Economics. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors, hiking, climbing, and playing video games.